Friday, February 08, 2013

OpenSSL 1.0.1d and cURL 7.29.0

It happened again, now with OpenSSL and cURL. New versions of these libraries were released. See below how to update them. As with Boost before the next MinGW distro will include the updated OpenSSL and cURL.
Assuming you have installed it in C:\MinGW directory:
  • Clean up the existing cURL files:
cd C:\MinGW
rmdir /s /q include\curl
rmdir /s /q include\openssl
rmdir /s /q ssl
cd C:\MinGW
bin\bsdtar -xvJf curl-7.29.0.tar.xz
bin\bsdtar -xvJf openssl-1.0.1d.tar.xz

Boost C++ Libraries release 1.53.0

The new release (1.53.0) of Boost Libraries was made available on February 4th, just 3 days after I released the Feburary 2013 edition of my MinGW distro that included release 1.52.0. Because of this I have built the new release and I'm making it available here as a separated download. As usual it also includes the ICU versions of both Boost RegEx and Boost Locale libraries. The next release of the MinGW distro will contain this version of Boost (or a newer if released meanwhile).
Assuming you have installed it in C:\MinGW directory:
  • Clean up the existing Boost files:
cd C:\MinGW
rmdir /s /q include\boost
del lib\libboost*.*
cd C:\MinGW
bin\bsdtar -xvJf boost-1.53.0.tar.xz

Friday, February 01, 2013

MinGW Distro - February 2013 Release

By demand the add-on libraries have been included in the main package.

Updates: FreeType 2.4.11, GLEW 1.9.0, ICU 50.1.2, libssh2 1.4.3, libgmp 5.1.0, POCO 1.4.6, SQLite, jpeg 9

MinGW-Distro-Addons.exe - 75 Mb - Full with add-ons
SHA1: dbdf784f741efa0c0aa8cb3640bbb4dcbc45b707

MinGW-Distro-Core.exe - 16 Mb - Core Components
SHA1: 97b13f4ce75dc48f536c0c350a35758373125de5