Friday, June 02, 2017

Visiting an old friend

In the (not) good old days of single-user single-process MS-DOS TSR programs were a kind of magic wish: have more than one program running at same time.

Companies created TSR utilities. I can remember of Borland Sidekick and Norton Guides, among others.

Of course I couldn't leave behind. Around 1990 I created my own TSR program: TASCII. An ASCII table very useful for... me only.

I based my implementation on the excellent Al Stevens' Extending Turbo C Professional book.

Recently I attempted, just for the fun, to bring back TASCII to life again.

I began with the DOSBOX MS-DOS emulator. For the compiler I used Turbo C 2.01 which Borland (now Embarcadero) made available for free, years ago. Unfortunately I hadn't the full source code for the Extending.. book. So I had to borrow it from and type the missing parts.

Well, here it is (for the real nostalgia DOSBOX has a CGA mode):

Who needs a resident ASCII table these days? But it is nice to see an old friend again.

(If you are also insane I can provide you with the binary).