Thursday, December 12, 2013

MinGW Distro - December 2013 Edition

DISCLAIMER: this is a private, custom build of MinGW. It is neither supported nor sponsored by

Updates: GCC 4.8.2, GDB 7.6.1, Boost 1.55.0, ICU 52.1, SQLite 3.8.1, cURL 7.33.0, wxWidgets 3.0.0, POCO Libraries 1.4.6p2, Apache Portable Runtime 1.5.0, Apache Portable Runtime Utils 1.5.3

MinGW-Distro-Addons.exe - 77 Mb - Full with add-ons
SHA1: 029334806ff1ca1cadc1fd7cdbfeaa5a9fd4f9ad

This is the latest version I will provide. Unfortunately I have no time to keep track of the updates, work on patches and build the packages. In a next post I will make scripts and patches available for anyone that would take them and continue.