Monday, August 06, 2012

Why the MinGW Distro? Some interesting background

In 2011 the new C++ standard was about to be released. I then challenged myself to study it, if not the entire beast at least the most interesting parts. This of course demanded a compiler with the latest features of the new standard. At that time the only compiler available that was being updated frequently was GCC. But while it was released very often the MinGW port was not so fast. So, I realized that the best way was to build it myself. A fast search and I found Stephan T. Lavavej's build. It has everything I needed and more. OK. But I don't need all that more so I took his distro, removed some things, added others. And why not release it for others? Then it evolved from a small packaged archive with instructions on how to setup it to a simple, easy-to-use installer. I had already some experience with InnoSetup and it was simple to build an setup package.
And now we are here. Do you have any comments or suggestions to the distro? Things you'd like to see? Please let me know. While I have limited time and resources to play with it I promise to kindly evaluate any request.
Visit the MinGW Distro homepage to download the latest version.

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pathrahul said...

how can i use the openssl in your distro. i am trying to compile an application using openssl.usinng the headers from the distro and linking to libssl.a but getting errors. i have seen that compiling openssl for mingw is a bit nasty so i decided to use your distro but still not working . i am using codeblocks ide.