Monday, June 03, 2013

MinGW Distro - June 2013 Edition

This release was delayed because of the last minute release of GCC 4.8.1

Updates: GCC 4.8.1, GDB 7.6, GraphicsMagick 1.3.18, SQLite 3.7.17, ICU 51.2, freeglut 2.8.1, libpng 1.6.2, libarchive 3.1.2, grep 2.14, zlib 1.2.8, GLFW 2.7.8, NASM 2.10.07, libxml2 2.9.1, file 5.14, binutils 2.23.2, FreeType 2.4.12

Added: LINQ for C++ 20130203, libharu 2.2.1

MinGW-Distro-Addons.exe - 75 Mb - Full with add-ons
SHA1: 4ab44b4b303f3090489d4bef721728d9f97106fb

MinGW-Distro-Core.exe - 16 Mb - Core Components
SHA1: 51acdd76db532697e53133368df21550898d5623

For more information visit MinGW Distro


Unknown said...

After spending weeks building my own static-based distro (also based on nuwen) I then discover your work.
That is so unfair. :-)

For some reason I insist on doing this on my single-core P4 (running configure in MSYS takes forever) instead of cross-compiling on the multi-core monster.
All that fighting and patching to get some things working. Tiring, taxing, frustrating, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Everything was built against gcc 4.8.0 just before I find that nuwen upped to 4.8.1. I'm not about to rebuild anything but if I decide to start over I'll use your distro and then rebuild those items and libs that you don't have.

Then I can concentrate on re-doing the apps like lynx (w/slang), most, less, jed, nano, vile, zsh, etc.

I must say you've done a great job.

Sidebar: Have you tried to use diff 3.2 or 3.3 to create patch files? Using either one of those produces a patch file with a single diff (the first it finds).
I can't figure out why. MSYS and gnuwin32 diff (v2.8.x) do what's expected.

Josue Andrade Gomes said...

@Unknown: thanks for the comment. I still use diff 2. diff 3 didn't work and I had no time to investigate :-/